Day 7

The original plan for today was to go to Paducah, Kentucky (where they have no poison ivy, from what i'm told). Everyone was worn out, however, so we had another easy day. Joy and Rachel spent most of the day making an agitator for her new butter churn and a wooden "pioneer plate" like one she saw in her newly acquired book. I hung out with them for a while in Joy's incredible woodshop. The rest of the time while they were working i spent my time defragging Joy's computer and playing Medal of Honor on the PSP to kill the battery so i could recharge it for tomorrow's flight.

Before lunch Rachel tried buttermilk for the first time and nearly threw up. You'd have thought someone made her drink something off of Fear Factor with the production she put on.

Lunch was "grab" and sandwiches. While we were eating Rachel saw a woodchuck outside sniffing around. Cute, right? Pat didn't want it in her garden, so she asked Joy to kill it. Joy wanted to finish lunch first, but Pat was very insistent. Rachel was pretty upset that she had even brought it to anyone's attention, because she didn't want the little fella to get killed.

Joy went and retrieved his .22 and returned to the dining room and opened fire basically from the lunch table! AWESOME. He missed the first shot and had to go for another bullet Barney Fife style (his words). He missed the 2nd shot as well and the woodchuck, completely unfazed, meandered off into the brush. I kinda think maybe he missed on purpose for Rachel's benefit. She was quite relieved.

After lunch Pat showed Rachel how to make pie crust, and made a blueberry pie with the berries we picked as a demo. I was supposed to watch too, but fell asleep. Later on we got Joy to dig out his bb gun so rachel and i could plink at some cans. Once we got it sighted in, she was quite the dead-eye. She started getting eaten by mosquitoes and there was a big wasp nest nearby so we didn't do it for too long. She really enjoyed it though and i think we're gonna get one when we get back to the world.

Dinner was cabbage and sausage, so Rachel and I went to pick a cabbage from the garden. The best one we could find looked pretty worm-eaten. Pat cut it up and picked out all the cocoons and gross bits, though. Kinda makes it easier to understand why all these farmers so eagerly jump on board with Monsanto.

We had a rifle-free dinner and ate the blueberry pie with frozen yogurt for dessert. It was fantastic! My first fresh, from scratch blueberry pie. Good job Rachel and Pat!

Joy and I took another spanking at Sequence after dinner then went back to the woodshop to work on Rachel's "pioneer plate".

We leave tomorrow, so we packed up as much as we could and settled in for one more night in MO.

Tick count: 0
Vocab: blinky - adj. used to describe milk that is not quite good and not quite bad.

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