Day 5

Last to wake, as usual. Slept OK, but my shoulder was achey. I forgot to do my rehab exercises last night. I had turkey bacon, toast and blueberries for breakfast. We were informed that today was going to be an easy day at home to let Rachel's grandparents rest.

Joy and Pat skipped church because they didn't want to leave us alone. Joy told Rachel we should go because the sermon was only half an hour. They spend the remaining hour singing! I can't speak for Rachel, but to me that's the worst part. I don't mind sermons. I rather like them, in fact. Church singing, on the other hand...

For most of the day we hung out in the TV room. Joy working his crosswords, Pat and Rachel engaging in crocheting lessons, and I editing my friend Dustin's book (don't worry... I'm not the final editing stop). We broke for lunch, which was "grab" with cooked carrots thrown in for good measure. After lunch we played Sequence some more, with Rachel and Pat starting a pattern of beating Joy and myself mercilessly. After Joy had his fill, we resumed our morning's activities.

Mid afternoon we took a walk outside to stretch and i was informed that there was a lake right across the street that i had never seen because the trees here are so thick. I asked if we could go fishing. We inquired to Joy about the legal requirements of such an endeavor, to which he replied, "None. It's private property, and we own that bit right there." While gesturing towards the lake. Unfortunately he didn't have any bait and we couldn't seem to find any nightcrawlers, which are usually plentiful. So back inside we went.

On the way back in Rachel found a hummingbird that had killed itself against a window, and decided we needed to keep it. As in bring a dead bird back to AZ in our luggage. Not only that, but she packed it in salt and wrapped it in plastic so now it looks like a wad of narcotics! What could possibly go wrong? I'll have to talk her out of it somehow.

Once again we tried the elusive Hayden's, but it seemed they were closed for the weekend so we had chicken and the potatoes we picked the other day. We played a few games of Sequence after dinner (Joy and I getting the short end of the stick again), then back to relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Tick count: 0 (i'm getting good at this!)

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