Day 2

Woke up WAY too early. Not much sleep after the nightmare woke us last night. I agitated my shoulder and it's pretty sore this morning. On my way to breakfast Pat made a comment about snakes coming to get me while tickling my ribs. I guess Rachel told them already. Off to pick blueberries!

I've never seen blueberries on the bush, much less tasted them. That was fun... for a while anyway. It started getting hot and i dumped my bucket all over the ground when it came loose from my belt. I decided to wait in the shade and go through the camera manual while Pat and Rachel finished picking berries. The guy overcharged us and Pat vowed to return to make good on it.

From the berry farm we went to Pat and Joy's friend's house who raises chickens to buy some eggs and to show Rachel. They have some very pretty birds, including a couple of magnificent looking roosters. All the same, I'm glad they're not in my back yard. Those suckers were loud!

While we were there Pat told her friend all about my snake nightmare. It's starting to bother me that I'm "that city-slicker wot's 'fraid uh snakes" now. We also met their 100 year old mother, which i found to be an incredible feat of longevity. She was up and mobile, but couldn't talk and I'm not sure she was completely aware of what was going on around her. It was a little saddening. Rachel never wants to die, and live to 100+. I'd rather cash in early via a heart attack than have to live like that. give me cheese!

Back to Joy and Pat's where Joy had left to meet with some of his buddies. From what Pat said, they talk about politics and what-not, and a couple were WW2 vets. I would have liked to have gone. I enjoy the company of older folks. They have great stories and usually lots of wisdom to impart. Who knows... maybe they just get together to tell fart jokes and take time away from their wives so they can eat food they're not supposed to.

Lunch and a nap. Well, I finished the camera manual and I'm writing this while everyone else naps. I'm going to poke around the property a while until everyone's up again.

After nap time we went to an antique mall where they were playing a radio station that played ALL Elvis ALL the time. It was pretty fun looking at all the old stuff but it was way overpriced, so no one bought'n anything. Afterwards we went to "Mexican" food for dinner. Judging by the decor and the latin folk working there, I thought we might be in for some actual Mexican food.


I won't dwell on it. It was just bad. Back to Joy and Pat's place for a pie Pat made that tasted like Orange Julius. Yum-yum!

Time to buy fireworks! This was very exciting for me, because i haven't done it since i was in kindergarten. We bought all kinds of exciting things, most of which were disappointing, except the roman candles. I knew what i was getting into with those. Rachel's favorites are the chicken and rooster (big surprise). The chicken is supposed to "lay eggs". It really just farted flames for a bit then caught fire. The rooster was about the same, only the flames came out of the front end. Not sure exactly what the symbolism was there. I got the more militaristic stuff... tanks, bombers, missile batteries, etc.. talk about false advertising. the tank didn't shoot anything or move around much at all. it just did a sparkler routine out the front then caught fire. the bomber didn't fly around and drop bombs or parachuting GIs. it just spun like a top going straight up in the air then caught fire. Even though some were disappointing, they were still FIREWORKS and therefore awesome.

We saved a few for tomorrow and went inside to wash off the smoke and ticks. Tomorrow i think we're going to the Hemingway house, which is probably what i've most been looking forward to, so I'm excited. Speaking of authors, I didn't even think about Mark Twain! We're practically in his back yard! Hopefully we can see some kind of Mark Twain landmark before we go (besides Mark Twain National Forest).

Bedtime. We're taking the painting off the wall tonight to avoid any nightmare-related damage.

Tick Count: 3

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